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electric vehicle history— story of our electric vehicle :

The research and the continuous improvement of the quality of the vehicle electric products, the seriousness and professional reliability ans electric vehicle sale, the absolute efficiency of vehicle electric in the service rendered to the customers.

These are the principles on which ZALLYS vehicle electric S.a.s. bases its activity in the market of Electric Vehicles.
As guide, a great passion and a constant engagement in the realization of a wide range of machines and vehicles that conjugate technical design to the accurate choice of the materials and technical features for the our vehicle electric.

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Electric vehicles for industry, tourism airports ELECTRIC VEHICLE.


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Remember all the hybrid electric vehicle Zallys S.a.s. are Made in Italy

Electric Vehicle

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electric vehicle Dumper Jet-with sturdy frame :

Electric vehicle Dumper Jet - with sturdy frame, excellent design for right Load/Wheels positioning make safe access and handling extremely easy. Electric operation, bacause of its unquestionable qualities and advantages, is the decisive factor for use in several situations. In more and more frequent applications, electric eco-power represents nowadays the only qualified choice.

Dimensions of electric vehicle: 1330 mm Machine lenghth, 785 mm Width, 460 mm Frame height

Performance of electric vehicle: 24V/800 W Electric motor, Gear transmission in oil bath, Semiautomatic tilting system, max 5 Km/h Forward speed, max 2.5 Km/h Reverse speed, 80 Amp Traction batteries, External Battery charger, 300 Kg Loading Capacity, 126 Kg Weight

Accessories of electric vehicle : 2 mm 170 Lt Galvanized steel skip, 2 mm 200 Lt Galvanized steel skip